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Our Objective

Escuela Éxitos is an  English and Spanish language immersion school that prepares students for  success in an increasingly diverse and global economy.  We develop students who are globally aware and socially responsible, with the skills to communicate and collaborate across cultures and communities in solving the problems of the future.

Escuela Éxitos will combine several elements to create a unique model that will provide opportunity for children from underserved populations in the US and equip them with the tools and knowledge to succeed and lead in the 21st century while providing a culturally and linguistically competent learning environment. 

Foundational to the Escuela Éxitos program structure are the three core goals of dual language education: grade level academic achievement, bilingualism and biliteracy, and sociocultural competence. 

Key dimensions of our model include: 

  • Personalized student-centered learning, including individual learner profiles and paths, a flexible learning environment, progress based on mastery of learning, student ownership of learning and significant opportunity for both voice and choice by students. 

  • Two-way dual language immersion for language and literacy learning that ensures all students emerge as bilingual and biliterate.

  • Global curriculum and related experiences that ensure students have an understanding of world issues and the confidence and skills to contribute solutions to global problems.

  • 21st century skill development that provides students with the tools and abilities to thrive in a global society.

  • Academically rigorous content and high expectations that ensure students can thrive in a global economy.

  • Significant community and family engagement with authentic involvement in shaping the school model.

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Our School

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