Board Meeting Schedule - Agendas - Minutes

Andrea Cortes


Term Ends 5-2024

Andrea Cortes is from Colombia and earned her degree in Psychology in Bogotá. She moved to Minneapolis in 1997 and earned her teaching degree in K-6 education and 6-8 Social Studies at St Thomas University. Due to her bilingual abilities and interest in bilingual Education, she worked for Minneapolis Public Schools at Emerson Spanish Immersion school in grades 4-6 while earning her Masters in Science Education. She was the Minneapolis Public school’s teacher in residence at the Bakken Museum in 2003 and taught Middle School Science at Anwatin. She has done staff development for teachers of different schools in Minneapolis, promoting Science education and hands on learning. 


She has been working as a 4th grade teacher at Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion since 2012. She believes that the educational experience of a child is a continuous negotiation of meaning, where experiences improve comprehension, interest of learning and promotion of literacy. Bilingual education is crucial for learners so that those worlds interact mentally and increase their ability to interpret the world.  Most of her free time is dedicated to her daughters, and the folkloric dance group (“Grupo de Danzas Colombianas en Minnesota”) which they belong to.

Abigail Hare-Marcano

Vice Chair

Term Ends 5-2024

Abigail is from Puerto Rico, and is the parent of a future 21-22 Kinder student.  She has worked as a teacher assistant in the Minneapolis school district for many years.  Her passion for art goes beyond doing it as she has studied to become an artist.  She is interested in working for the school and even becoming an Art Specialist/Teacher once she completes her degree in Art Education, a process she started this summer.  She is the leader/organizer of a Facebook group called Madres en Minnesota (Mothers in Minnesota) that has over 1,600 strong active members.  She has been a very active volunteer and recruiter for the school.  Her connection to the Hispanic community will be an asset to the school.

Ingris Orozco


Term Ends 5-2024

Ingris is from Guatemala, and has two children.  Her eldest will be a 3rd grader with us next year.  Her son is only 3 years old, but is planning to attend our school when he is old enough. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology which means she understands children at their different stages of growth along with their cognitive and physical development.  She is in the process of improving her academic language in English so that she can go back to school and complete her Masters for which she has already completed nearly half the required coursework.  Who knows, she could potentially become our school psychologist.  She currently works as a lead teacher at Casa de Corazon, a Spanish Immersion pre-school and a school partner which we hope becomes a feeder school to our Kinder classroom.  Her connection via Casa de Corazon to many parents who value bilingualism is priceless.

Sam Pfeifer

Chair / Secretary

Term Ends 5-2024

Sam is a licensed teacher with a decade of experience in teaching and educational leadership. Sam has worked exclusively with underserved populations and a high percentage of English Language Learners. Already holding a master's degree in Teaching and Learning, Sam has completed his required coursework and internship and is ready to apply for his K-12 Minnesota Principal Licensure for the 2021-22 academic year. 

Nate Zell

Term Ends 5-2024

Has 10 years teaching experience in a variety of school settings, including charter schools and
serving majority Spanish speaking populations in Arizona and California. With a minor in Spanish and experience serving the Hispanic community, he sees the value of promoting bilingualism in  Minnesota. He values and promotes education that teaches the values of a global community and social justice. Some would say he has a strong sense of community and is known for doing things for the right reason.  He promotes the development of students' social skills through athletics where he has coached a mix of baseball, basketball and soccer for over a decade. He can be a resource to Escuela Éxitos as they grow and develop their sport program.  He holds a BA in International Studies with a Spanish Minor from Seattle University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Portland. He is currently licensed 5-12 in Social Studies and Communication Arts.