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Escuela Éxitos Frequently Asked Questions

Escuela Éxitos is an English and Spanish immersion school that prepares students for success in an increasingly diverse and global economy. We develop students who are globally aware and socially responsible, with the skills to communicate and collaborate across cultures and communities in solving problems of the future.


What is a charter school?


Charter schools are independent public schools. 

Charter schools are open to all students and offer a unique educational program where students can expect to receive a quality education.

Charter schools do not charge tuition, nor do they have admission requirements to enroll students. They employ licensed teachers and offer services to special needs students. Charter school students take state and national assessments.


What grades do you serve?


In the fall of 2021, our lower school will open with grades K-5. We will add one grade per year. Escuela Exitos intends to expand through high school, so your child has a K-12 learning pathway. 


Where is the school located?


The school is located at 4741 Zealand Ave. N in the city of New Hope.  


Who can attend Escuela Éxitos?

Anyone can attend the school.  The school is open to all families and students.  In general families living further than 6-7 miles from the school can enroll their children in the school with the understanding that they will be parent drolp-off and pick-up   

Who are the founding families?


Creating a new and innovative public charter school  requires tremendous family input and involvement. Families that join us in our first year will have the opportunity to co-create Escuela Éxitos within the model described in our charter. This is a critical aspect to our future success, and we hope you consider joining us to create a high performing dual language immersion school unlike anything in our community.


Does Escuela Exitos charge tuition?


No, charter schools are free.


Will transportation be available?


Yes, free bus transportation will be provided for student that live within 6-7 miles from the school, to its before and after school partners and/or other locations that have been agreed upon based on a minimum number of students identified in a stop.


How do I enroll my child?


We are currently enrolling in all grades, K-7.  You may go to our website to enroll.

For information call our school Founder and Executive Director Luis Vanegas (763) 442-5665 


Is there a lottery?


Yes, but it has been completed. At this point we welcome new students in grades K-7. Escuela Éxitos honors sibling preference so in future years those seeking enrollment and have a sibling at the school will be guaranteed admittance.

What is Two-Way  Immersion (TWI)?

Two-Way Immersion (TWI) is distinct from and we believe superior to other   forms of language immersion education. In TWI a balance of native English speakers and native Spanish speakers are integrated for instruction so that both groups of students learn not only from their formal education, but also from each other, providing a deeper and more authentic understanding of the language.   Graduating from a TWI school will provide a student with an academic level of language proficiency and a pathway to global opportunity.

Why Spanish?

Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language in the world, and the Hispanic population is the fastest growing demographic in the US. The Hispanic population in the Twin Cities has nearly doubled since the year 2000 and continues to grow. Being bilingual in Spanish/English will give your child educational, economic and employment benefits in the future.

How will I help my child if I don’t speak Spanish?

It is not necessary for you to have any prior experience with the Spanish language. There are many ways to get involved to support you child.


Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn and with 88% of the Spanish alphabet and blends having the same sound in both languages, you will be able to support your child as they learn to decode and read.  Additionally, Escuela Éxitos will offer a unique and proven Language Focused Parent Engagement and Literacy program. Both native and non-native Spanish speakers will learn how the language is learned and how to support Spanish early literacy in the home. This program provides all the instructional tools needed to support family learning in the home. We also plan to have ample opportunities for family involvement and volunteerism.


Will the school offer art, music, and other activities?


Absolutely! The founder and board of Escuela Éxitos believe that arts, music, other activities are an essential component of a well-rounded education. The art and music curricula will integrate culturally responsive elements in dance, music, and visual arts.

Who is in charge of this school?

As a public charter school in Minnesota, Escuela Éxitos will be governed by a charter school board subject to MN statute. The founding board is made up of community leaders (see board tab on our website) and exemplary educators. The board includes two parent members, a teacher and two community members.  The board diversity is representative of the community we intent to serve.  

What about the other key elements of the school model,  personalized learning, social and emotional learning, and global education? What else makes Escuela Exitos a school of choice?

Our school model will emphasize and allow for personalized learning, embed social and emotional learning with academics and utilize a global curriculum.

Each child will have an individual learning plan and a unique learning path based on individual needs and interests. The student schedule will include opportunities for learning in small groups, multi-age settings, technology based independent learning using adaptive programs and project-based learning. The variety and personalization are guaranteed to enhance student engagement and motivation. Collaborative projects will occur within small groups, within the school and across the globe.

A school culture that supports children and promotes high expectations is built on trust and strong relationships, community wide expectations and core values - respect, tolerance and equity as a foundation. Schools must not only promote inclusion and acceptance but also be a place of joy and love of learning. All children will feel valued and we will be explicit about teaching empathy and developing a sense of social responsibility in our learners, even at the youngest ages. At our school especially, a deep appreciation for culture and language will be essential. Students will be provided with both skills and opportunities to demonstrate and contribute to a caring and responsible learning community.

Escuela Éxitos will include curriculum established to teach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in K-12. This provides the opportunity to engage with other schools and communities with a focus on solving world problems even at the youngest ages.

Will there be partnerships and collaboration with the larger community?

We feel it is important for our school to be a part of the community and will work to enhance and add to our already established partnerships.  Some of our critical partnerships will involve relationships with high quality bilingual PREK/Child Care centers, as well as before and after school program providers. We will collaborate closely with these organizations so families have a seamless experience and we will co-develop strategies to facilitate continuity.

What role does technology play?

Technology will be integrated into the learning environment and serve as a tool to support excellent teaching. Going beyond the typical uses of technology in learning, students will  have opportunities to use technology to support higher levels of learning through use of a variety of tech tools designed for communication, collaboration, knowledge construction, presentation and creation. Understanding that collaboration goes much deeper than working together, students use collaborative opportunities within the classroom, the community, and globally to make substantive decisions and work interdependently to create new and deeper understanding. Developing skills by engaging in real-world problem solving allows students to take their understanding of content into real-world situations that  increase engagement and deepen understanding all while preparing them for success in college and career.

How do you choose your teachers?

Teachers are without a doubt the most important component of any school. Given our unique model our teachers will be bilingual and highly qualified. They will have the demonstrated ability to produce strong academic outcomes and have a philosophy aligned with ours - that the learning environment should be one of high expectations, joy and wonder. Our teacher recruitment efforts involve local, national and international strategies to ensure that we find the best. We have already interviewed teachers from the US, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Spain and Puerto Rico.

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